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Happy baby,
happy life!

As parents, we have enough worries for our little ones. Don't let diaper rash become one of them.

Our story...

Passed on from generation to generation

"When our daughter was eight months old, she had the worse diaper rash. We tried every product out there, every method or home remedy that we would hear or read. Nothing worked! My mother suggested we try "the old oil remedy" that my family has been using for generations. At that moment, I remembered how often my parents would use this oil when I was growing up, for other external rashes or small injuries, and how they would share it with their friends who needed it for their children or even for themselves as adults. I tried it right away! The rash was better in the morning and completely gone in a couple of days. My daughter slept through the night with no pain. I was amazed!
The idea of making this into a product came three years later. At this point, I was making the oil for friends and family, shortly friends of friends were asking me if I can make it for them. Hearing their stories inspired me to turn it into a branded product, and make it available for everyone and put an end of the diaper rash frustration."


From the founder of the "Aleya Diaper Rash Oil"

We make our oil the old fashion way. No preservatives, no artificial ingredients. If our ancestors did it, so can we. There is no need to add extra ingredients so we can make a product last longer. We choose to make smaller batches more frequently, so there is no need
for any preservatives.

100 % Natural 

Slim bottle for easy storage

Yes, we understand how much space in your diaper bag matters.
It's only one bag, and you are trying to fit everything!
(Literally everything!)
That is why we chose a slim bottle that will take as less space possible, so you have enough room in your bag for "that special toy"!


At ALEYA, we know how important it is to keep your little angel feeling comfortable. Our outstanding diaper rash oil has been in our family for many generations and has helped many people to soothe irritated skin and provide comfort for their infant, as well as adults. Easy to use and hydrating, this baby oil blend should not be missing from your baby care kit.

The amazing baby booty oil is an all-natural solution to help accelerate the skin’s healing process and provide a soothing sensation in the case of rashes caused by diapers. The formula is rich in cocoa butter, vitamin E, and chamomile oil that hydrate the skin and keep it well-nourished. This premium oil blend can also be used by grownups for minor cuts, bruises, scratches, dry skin patches or burns.

Some of the amazing features of this product:

  • Premium baby diaper rash oil blend by ALEYA;

  • All-natural formula;

  • Rich in sunflower oil, St. John’s Wort, cocoa butter, vitamin E, and chamomile oil;

  • Hydrating and soothing formula;

  • Helps accelerate skin’s healing process;

  • Helps fight inflammation and rashes;

  • Can also be used on external piercings, as well as minor bruises, cuts, dry skin patches, and burns;

  • Not tested on animals;

  • Made in the USA;

  • Free of harsh chemicals and toxins;

  • The oil can be used as long as necessary, on any skin age.

Choose the ALEYA baby diaper rash oil for your little angel!

A Healthier Alternative with Traditional Diaper Rash Ointments

ALEYA Diaper Rash Oil is gentle, yet effective at treating diaper rash. Our hypoallergenic and All-Natural diaper rash oil goes right to the source of your little one’s rash woes, quickly healing and calming their skin. Whether you have a newborn with ultra-sensitive skin or if you want a reliable and natural way to prevent diaper rash, ALEYA is the perfect alternative.

Made without any harmful or toxic ingredients like boric acid, parabens, petroleum, or Talc, our diaper rash oil gives mommas like you peace of mind. Protect your baby’s skin from chafing, seal out wetness, and reduce their risk of diaper rash with ALEYA’s best diaper rash oil.

Made in the USA! 

We make every bottle of our natural diaper rash oil is made right here in the USA. Our commitment to quality is uncompromising, and we cherish the partnerships we have cultivated and are confident they’ll always deliver the best.


Nourishing Formulas! 

Inside every bottle of our oil are nourishing ingredients like Chamomile, Vitamin E, and Cocoa Butter to guarantee your baby’s skin is thoroughly protected. We believe nature is always the best choice. That is why we source from the best natural-ingredient suppliers and ensure our product lives up to our claims.


Long-term Use!

Whether you need a few dabs here and there to heal your little one’s skin or if you need long-term preventative diaper rash care, ALEYA is the perfect choice.


Consistency Matters!

 Moms know that balance in the consistency of diaper rash ointment is important. We have formulated our oil to not be too thick or too thin, guaranteeing your baby isn’t left drenched in paste or begging for better protection.

Refreshing Natural Scent!

Complementing all-natural ingredients like our Sunflower Oil, St. John’s Wort, and Cocoa Butter is chamomile oil. Offering just enough fragrance to calm you and your baby, our addition of chamomile is just what your baby needs.

Parents Can Use ALEYA Too!

While we designed ALEYA to help prevent diaper rash for babies, parents can also benefit from our oil! Sometimes us grownups get rashes in all the same places that babies do, or we simply need a boost for dry skin. Our diaper rash ointment can be safely and liberally applied to these areas with the same healing results.

ALEYA Stops Irritant Diaper Rash In Its Tracks!

ALEYA works to stop irritant diaper rash before it causes you or your baby loads of pain and heartache. Between the ages of 4 and 15 months old, at least half of babies suffer from diaper rash at least once every two months. That does not have to happen to your baby.

Officially known as irritant dermatitis, diaper rash is typically caused by sitting in urine and stool for too much of the day. Babies with diarrhea or who are teething are more likely to suffer from it. If you notice pink or red patches on the diaper area, your baby likely has this condition.

Apply ALEYA after every diaper change to stop your baby’s diaper rash from turning to a much more painful situation for you both!

Our unique formula acts as a shield against diaper rash, protecting your baby from painful irritation. Follow the directions on our bottle for the best results.

What Happy Users Say

This oil is amazing! My little one was screaming every time he would wet a diaper because it hurt. A friend recommended this oil and I was surprised how well it worked! We used it during the day, after every diaper change, and after his bath before bed. He slept through the night! Now, this is our go-to product every time we see a rash coming!

A. S.

My 6 month old had a very sensitive skin. We couldn’t find a product that would calm down his skin rash. When I heard about Aleya Diaper Rash Oil, I was ready to make a research on all ingredients. But the ingredients were so simple, I didn’t have to do any of that. We applied the oil in the AM, and during the day. By that evening I could see improvement. I was happy to find a product that actually works!

B. D.

I was using this oil on my skin after it was damaged by radiation treatment for breast cancer. My skin was very bad. I was using different kinds of cremes and sprays that the doctors recommended, but nothing helped like this oil. The skin healed very fast, and now I don’t even have scars from the burns. Very happy with the results. 

L. Z.

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