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5 Pro Tips to Relieve Diaper Rash FAST

Updated: Jun 28, 2020

We've all been there! As parents, we are always trying to find the best for our little ones. That includes diaper rash relive! We understand how frustrating it can be watch your little one cries and suffer from pain, and there is nothing you can do to help them. You may even find yourself reach for the pain relive medicine to help them with the pain and sleep better. But before you do that, maybe you want to try a more natural way.

Here are our 5 Pro Tips to help your LO in the most natural way possible:

1. Change your LO diaper as often as possible.

The skin needs to be clean and dry to heal or must have some protection from the wetness of the feces.

2. Wash your LO bottom after every soiled.

Sometimes (especially in extreme cases of diaper rash), it is more soothing to wash the skin than to wipe it. If you decide to wipe it, use mild or fragrance-free wipes. Babies' skin can be sensitive to fragrances.

3. Pat dry affected area.

Try not to rub the skin as that may be painful (we don't want to irritate that baby even more, right?).

4. Give your baby some time without a diaper.

This can be reliving and fun for your LO. After a bath, pat dry the area and let them play on a soft towel or a blanket with no diaper on for a little bit. (Tip: Don't forget to loosely throw a light cotton diaper over their front, just in case they decide to go, and you don't end up cleaning the wall... Like we did.)

5. Use an ointment/creme/oil.

Use protection for your LO's skin, especially at night. Our favorite is (of course) ALEYA Diaper Rash Oil! It is an all-natural oil that helps with instant soothing, relive, and skin repair. How this oil does his magic, it is not science. Water and oil don't mix, so when you apply the oil on the skin, it protects it from the wetness of the feces, while using its natural ingredients to help the skin heal faster.

Try "ALEYA Diaper Rash Oil" and put an end to the diaper rash frustration!

What not to do:

1. Try to stay away from baby powder or corn starch. Babies can inhale this as dust and can harm their lungs. If you do use it, apply some on your hand away from the baby's face and apply it to the bottom. One other reason to avoid baby powder is that some researchers claim that talc (a clay mineral composed of hydrated magnesium silicate) used in baby powder, in the long term, can cause ovarian and cervical tumors. They found this in women who had used talcum powder near their genital regions for decades.

2. Stay away from steroid creams you find in the drug store (hydrocortisone) unless recommended by your doctor. This creme can irritate your baby's bottom even more if misused.

3. Don't wait too long to see a doctor! If you see blisters, bleeding, or pus, call your pediatrician right away!

4. And last but not least, don't let diaper rash ruin the joy and fun of being a parent!

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