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Should I go back to work after having a baby

Updated: Jun 28, 2020

We all feel overwhelmed after having a baby. Like it is not enough all those questions we have about this new beautiful human being (first-time moms), but there is also the dilemma of going back to work. Of course, this can be a question only if you can afford it by having other financial support except for yourself.

In this matter, everyone is different, even your past self to your new self. What do I mean by that? Well, before you have the baby, you may think one option is better than the other, but after having the baby, everything changes.

I could not believe (and still can't) how much I've changed after having a baby. A lot of people were telling me I would change after birth (including my boss), but I did not believe them.

My past self thought that after having the baby, I would go back to the regular schedule like nothing has changed. Some people can do that, and that's great! I couldn't... I thought that "baby blue" and "postpartum depression" were just in women's heads or maybe an excuse to act all crazy to their significant other (don't judge, I didn't know any better).

A friend was telling me how depressed she was after having her baby, and I remember thinking, "it can't be that bad!". Have you heard about karma? Yea... I remember my boss asking me if I'm planning to come back to work after having the baby, and I keep saying, "For sure! I have a full-time babysitter, she'll be fine!". What I have not realized is that the baby will be fine, but I won't.

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Here are some pros and cons of staying home vs. going back to work:

Pro: You are going to be with your little one all day, every day!

Con: You are going to be with your little one all day, every day!

Yes, this is good and bad. As much as you will enjoy this, especially at the beginning, after a while, you may feel (as bad as it sounds) bored. Especially if you are used to grabbing lunch with your coworkers, or you had an active job.

Pro: If you are planning on breastfeeding, you will always be there to provide food (yes, your boob) when the baby is hungry.

Con: You will probably have to carry around a breast pump, find an appropriate place, pump every 2 hours, refrigerate your milk, and reheat when the baby needs it when you get home. Or switch to formula (which is still okay).

Pro: You will not miss any milestones. You will be there for their first everything!

Con: You will probably miss some of the milestones. For some of us, it's not a big deal. For some is a HUGE deal! People would let the world know when their baby had their first solid poop (with pictures!).

Pro: You would be able to do small projects for them, help them learn.

Con: You may get carried away and make them into your project. You may start doing so much for them, that they do not have to learn how to do anything (I started doing this for a while... Not proud of it).

Pro: You will always be there.

Con: Yes, ALWAYS! We all love our children. But to be a good parent and be an excellent example for them, we need some time for ourselves. That can be going to work for a few hours, go to the grocery store by yourself, or simply leave the house and grab a cup of coffee by yourself.

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Whatever you decide, going back to work after having a baby or no, remember this: You will always be a good parent! As long as you don't starve your children or abuse them in ANY way, you will always be the best parent! There is not a right answer to this question. Everyone's situation and opinion about raising a family are different. Go with your instinct and be happy! If you are happy, your little ones will be happier!

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